Guyana Look Good Feel Good

October 27, 2018 - 456 views

Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in collaboration with the Organization for Social and Health Advancement for Guyana (OSHAG) hosted its third ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ programme on Friday.
The event saw a number of female cancer survivors and patients benefitting from a session of emotional exploration. Oncology doctors and nurses were present at the event, which saw many tear-stained faces on both doctors and patients alike.
Kadisha Daniels, the chairperson of the programme, sought to build confidence in the women present by having them share their stories with the opening sentence “I love me because…” The event- purposed in allowing women to face cancer with confidence- renewed hope and meaning for many of the women present.
Daniels explained that for female patients and survivors of cancer, life can be very different— the loss of hair, and the physical toll that the disease can take on their bodies can cause them to shy away from the term beautiful.
However, OSHAG and GPHC have sought to change that. They believe that with looking good comes feeling better, and with just that little reminder that they are beautiful or whatever they might want to love themselves for; their lives can be changed.
Patients, survivors and doctors garbed in pink, lent support and shared personal experiences with cancer patients and survivors on Friday. While many shied away initially, these women opened up and revealed their vulnerabilities and fears to each other.
These women comforted each other as they revealed some of the most frightening experiences for them. Akin to this, activities were done to build self-confidence.
“I have faith; that is why I am here. I tell myself that I am beautiful every day. I do not shy away from the mirror anymore. I felt as though a part of me was missing, I felt as though a part of me was lost… I have realized that cancer is not me.
“I am a survivor and I will keep surviving. My family is my support system. I thank God every day for bringing me through this. I love me because I have faith…” one woman said.
Through this raw expression of emotions, many of the women were heartened to keep on going in their fight. The concept of the “Look Good, Feel Good” programme encompasses the fact that patients should love themselves regardless of the effects of cancer.


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